I want to eat out your ass. Analingus is what they call it.

I want your ass up in the air, your knees spread, your face in the pillow.

I want your eyes rolling up as my tongue slips around your hole. Your sense of pleasure enhanced by the disgust. Who licks ass? Why does it feel so good? So decadent.

I want your clit trembling, itching for your fingers to stroke it as the tip of my tongue teases the center of your chocolate crinkle. My tongue wriggling inwards as you clench and then, an uncertain groan escaping your throat as you relax and my tongue slips deeper.

I want you to enjoy my tongue’s dexterity delighting you with depravity.

I want to feel your fingers playing with yourself as you are overcome with desire, needing that orgasm.

I want to feel your body jerk as you cum, my tongue still in your ass.

Do you want more?


When I ask for anal

Sometimes I ask to fuck you in your ass. I ask if you are in the mood for anal sex.

That usually means I want to fuck your ass. It usually means I want to touch you asshole. Lick it. Lube it up and massage the muscle until the tip of my finger slips inside the first ring of your anus. The tight ring that is slowly relaxing under the gentle but insistent mistrations of my fingers.

Sometime though… Sometimes it means I want you to touch my asshole.

I want you to warm me up until I’m ready for the plug.

When I ask for anal, sometimes what I really mean is I want anal.

I love anal

I love anal play.

I love things in my butt. I love playing with your butt.

Your butt hole is so cute. Much cuter than mine. I have a guys butt hole. Yours is so pretty. It’s not so small, but it seems small, neat, cute, clean, pretty. Who ever thought you could think that way about an asshole, but yours is that.

I love playing with your butt hole. I love putting my fingers in there. It takes time to warm up but then one slips in. Then it gets easy to slip a toy in there. Then, sometimes, when you’re really horny, when you’re super ready, your butt hole is ready to take my cock.

I love slipping my cock up your butt. Sometimes I cum in your butt hole, sometimes not. I don’t mind either way. I just love playing with your butt hole.

Am I anal?